Conservation activities  Reduction of hunting
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Lesser White-Fronts

Conservation activities
   Reduction of hunting

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Reduction of hunting pressure

Protection of Lesser White-fronted Geese
Foto: Christian Moullec

In order to reduce hunting pressure on Lesser Whitefronts, an international group of scientists in co-operation with governments of countries concerned, has prepared measures for the protection of the Lesser White-fronted Goose.

Since 1997, these countries implement an intensive campaign along the migratory routes to raise public awareness for the hunting and conservation problems. In the scope of this campaign for example is shown how to distinguish the protected Lesser Whitefronts from the huntable (Greater) White-fronted Geese. Furthermore it is tried to stop hunting in staging areas important for the species. But there are reasonable doubts that this campaign could be successful. As long as it is allowed to hunt (Greater) Whitefronts, probably all these measures to protect the Lesser White-fronted Goose do not have any effect.

Due to the economic and political situation in Eastern Europe and Asia it is very likely that the Fennoscandian population of the Lesser White-fronts will be extinct before a hunting ban is achieved.


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