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   Main sponsors

Main sponsors

Allianz Environmental Foundation

Allianz Umweltstiftung (Allianz Environmental Foundation) supports our project with the considerable amount of almost 500,000 Euro and is a competent active partner that supports us in both word and deed.


European Union

LIFE NATURE is an EU programme to support environment and nature conservation projects and especially supports projects with nature and species conservation aims.

Within LIFE so-called LIFE starter projects were introduced in 2002 to facilitate potential project applicants the preparation of a promising project and completion of a LIFE-application in due form. Aktion Zwerggans applied with the project ”Sichere Zugwege für die Zwerggans – Vorbereitungsprojekt” (Save migration routes for Anser erythropus – preparation project) for a LIFE starter project support. In autumn 2002, the EU granted the project (LIFE2002NAT/ST/D/05) along with 12 other projects out of a variety of applicants. Also WWF Finland was granted support for its project to protect Anser erythropus: ”Conservation of Anser erythropus along its European migratory route” (LIFE2002NAT/ST/FIN/24).

LIFE STARTER obliges the recipient to hand in a complete LIFE application in due form within the granted application time. Aktion Zwerggans in co-operation with their Finnish partners prepared such an application in 2003. Shortly before the deadline for handing-in the application, the desired Swedish partner was not able to grant necessary support for the project. In co-operation with the Finnish partners and in consultation with the European Commission, Head office environment, the LIFE-application was decided to delay for one year. Currently Aktion Zwerggans together with its partners works to complete the application.


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